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Recommended Resources

These are helpful resources for studying at home:

Resource Websites Sovereign Grace Regional Church Websites

Redemption Hill Church, Round Rock, TX-

Sovereign Grace Church, Midland, TX- Lifegate Church, Seguin, TX-

Christ Church, Conroe, TX -

Apps for sermons, devotions and more Solid Joy- A daily devotional: - R.C Sproul and friends; Teaching in a helpful format. Grace to You- John MacArthur sermons, devotionals and more: BIBLE APPS


Bible Gateway - Blue Letter Bible -

BIBLE STUDY APPS Faithlife- Olive Tree Bible Study App -

The Study Bible by Grace to You -

DIGITAL READING APPS All Devices - Kindle Android - Google Play Books IOS Apple Books -

Good books for FREE 1. R.C Sproul's Crucial Question Series (Kindle)

2. Many of John Piper's books - 3. Ebooks available from the Puritans, Edwards, Whitefield, A.W Pink, and other classics -

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