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How Long, O Lord? (Psalm 79)

Questions to guide your discipleship group:

  1. How often do you consider or meditate on your own sin in light of God's holiness?

  2. Rather than turning away from God, the psalmist petitions God. What drives Him to God in this circumstance?

  3. The psalmist prioritizes the glory of God and the honor of God’s name above everything, in what ways would this perspective change how you view certain things, engage with people, live for Christ, or help you in challenging times?

  4. Think on the circumstances and think on Jesus' life, death and resurrection how should this shape our view of God?

  5. Psalm 79 began with a description of God’s discipline and ends with the psalmist affirmation that they were God’s people. In what ways would this comfort you through difficult circumstances?

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