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Teach Me Your Paths (Psalm 25)

Updated: Apr 15, 2022

Psalm 25: Teach Me Your Paths

Questions for Discipleship Groups:

  • In times of distress David cast his whole being upon the Lord and declared his trust, in what way, why, or how is it difficult to trust in the Lord in times of distress?

  • David's petitions in a way (verses 2-3) that God would be glorified, if you were to begin prayer with main objective of the prayer that God would be glorified how would this change your perspective in times of distress?

  • Read Matthew 6:9-13, discuss how Jesus' model of prayer illuminates David's prayer

  • David's petition included to be shown, taught and guided in God's ways, paths and truths; Why do you think this is so important to David?

    • Why is this important to the Christian today?

  • How does the memory of our past sins help the Christian in their walk?

  • David's appeal is to God's character and not in any way in himself, how is this comforting when you pray?

    • Read Exodus 34:6-7, review a couple of the characteristics of God and discuss you can pray this week in light of that particular characteristic. How are you encouraged?

  • In light of God's forgiveness of our sins and pardoning of our guilt because of Jesus, discuss and encourage each other with evidences of God's grace that you see in one another. Also use this time to confess any sin to one another.

  • Share with your discipleship group hardships or trials you may be going through and ask for prayer

Psalm 25 DG Questions
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